The general or specific approach to investing that an individual, institution, or fund manager employs. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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strategy strat‧e‧gy [ˈstrætdʒi] noun strategies PLURALFORM
1. [countable] COMMERCE a plan or series of plans for achieving an aim, especially success in business or the best way for an organization to develop in the future:

• the group's acquisition strategy

• The Chancellor favours a high interest rate strategy.

strategy for

• We need to develop a strategy for marketing the company's products in each locality.

• a strategy for growth

2. [uncountable] the process of skilful planning in general:

• Competitive strategy has two weapons: price and differentiation.

ˌbrand exˈtension ˌstrategy [countable usually singular]
MARKETING the practice of selling a new product under an existing brand name
ˈbusiness ˌstrategy [countable, uncountable] COMMERCE
a company's aims in a particular market, and the way it hopes to achieve them:

• Investment in research is a key business strategy.

comˈpetitive ˌstrategy also comˈpetitor ˌstrategy [countable, uncountable]
MARKETING COMMERCE a plan that is intended to help a company to get advantages over its competitors, or the process of making this plan:

• A successful competitive strategy depends on consistently understanding and predicting changing market conditions and customer needs.

ˌcorporate ˈstrategy [countable, uncountable] COMMERCE
a company's aims in general, and the way it hopes to achieve them:

• She has been appointed head of corporate strategy.

ˈharvesting ˌstrategy [countable, uncountable] COMMERCE
a method for keeping as much profit as possible from a business or activity and investing as little as possible in it
ˈoperating ˌstrategy [countable, uncountable] COMMERCE
the way a business is organized and managed in order to produce goods or services:

• The review of operating strategy will highlight the operating skills required for success.

ˈpull ˌstrategy [countable usually singular] MARKETING
a method of selling goods in which the manufacturer uses advertising, direct mail etc to contact customers directly in order to create demand for the goods. The consumers will ask retailers to stock the goods and the retailers will then ask the manufacturer to supply them with the goods:

• Detergent is mainly marketed using a pull strategy, relying upon consumer advertising to create brand loyalty and pre-sell the product.

ˈpush ˌstrategy [countable usually singular] MARKETING
a method of selling goods in which the manufacturer directs its efforts at the people selling goods, for example by trade discount S (= special lower prices). By making the goods widely available the manufacturer hopes to increase sales:

• Companies which utilize an aggressive sales policy, based on personal selling, are said to be adopting a push strategy.

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strategy UK US /ˈstrætədʒi/ noun [C or U] (plural strategies) MANAGEMENT
the way in which a business, government, or other organization carefully plans its actions over a period of time to improve its position and achieve what it wants: »

Business environments and strategies are constantly changing in response to economic and financial variables.


She redefined how companies think about strategy.


The group's report represents a fundamental change in strategy.

a strategy for doing sth »

How has the slowdown in the current business cycle affected your strategy for growing the business?

a strategy for sth »

The company president has mapped out a strategy for sustainable growth in the 21st century.

a strategy of sth »

The group's strategy of overseas diversification helped it overcome tough conditions at home.

a strategy of doing sth »

The airline is now reaping the rewards from its strategy of cutting seat numbers and focusing on higher-paying business passengers.

develop/design/produce a strategy »

Companies must develop strategies for adapting their brands to changing trends in the marketplace.

outline/formulate/identify a strategy »

In order to expand your e-business operations, you need to formulate a clear strategy.

work on/work out/come up with a strategy »

CEOs and top government officials should try to come up with a strategy for economic development that isn't simply a series of short-term political payoffs.

pursue/follow a strategy »

They are pursuing a strategy of acquisitions to spread their third-generation mobile technology beyond the domestic market

a long-term/overall strategy »

Pricing is only one element of an overall strategy to curb congestion.


a good/successful/winning strategy


an expansion/growth/acquisition strategy


marketing/management/investment strategies


sales/pricing strategies

See also BUSINESS STRATEGY(Cf. ↑business strategy), COMPETITIVE STRATEGY(Cf. ↑competitive strategy), CORPORATE STRATEGY(Cf. ↑corporate strategy), EXTENSION STRATEGY(Cf. ↑extension strategy), GLOBAL STRATEGY(Cf. ↑global strategy), HARVESTING STRATEGY(Cf. ↑harvesting strategy), OPERATING STRATEGY(Cf. ↑operating strategy), PORTER'S GENERIC STRATEGIES(Cf. ↑Porter's generic strategies), PULL STRATEGY(Cf. ↑pull strategy), PUSH STRATEGY(Cf. ↑push strategy)

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